1st Idea- Chinese Zodiac Illustration Series

For my first project proposal I intend to look at creating my own array of illustrations focused upon the Chinese Zodiacs. The reasoning for this particular idea is because I aim to do illustration when I progress onto higher education, therefore I think it would be beneficial that for my final major project I look at creating my own personal take on the Chinese animal zodiacs through a series of A3 illustrations.  For this FMP I would aspire to create a minimum of six illustrations, each illustration to their own animal zodiac, I would create the characters, the style, background and theme of the zodiac; This would give me a chance to explore a range of different artist of whom may have created a series of Chinese zodiac illustrations, those who specialize in anthropomorphic character design and artist who concentrate their passion within mythical beasts. The theme for my project is fantasy/sci-fi as I believe this best reflects on the spiritual and scientific aspects to the Chinese zodiac calendar.


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