2nd Idea- Lost Civilization Tarot cards

For my second project proposal I strive to look at making a simple batch of tarot cards based on lost civilizations that not only am I  interested in, but are fascinating missing links to our history. Tarot cards are something I’ve never looked at before, though be that as it may, when browsing the internet for personal projects everything appeared to be the same basic idea, therefore when I took time to reflect on what personally drives me I realized that it was spiritualism which motivates me to illustrate on many if not most occasions. From there I found myself researching about tarot cards and their history through the helpful advice of family members who have more insight to the tarot world. I think it would be interesting if I were to perhaps create a more contemporary  set of tarot cards rather than the traditional array, however this does not mean I will limit myself as I want to explore every corner of Tarot and its culture before making a precise decision; The root and history of the tarot is of importance as I must understand how to use and how to connect meaning with the lost worlds of choice. The lost civilizations I have in mind consist of the most discussed civilization besides Atlantis and that is Lemuria who back in her time was the empress of the day where culture and diversity prospered, as well as,  Mu who is said to be the spiritual realm of Lemuria of which was lost when contentiousness deteriorated, also Atlantis for it is one of the most mainstream and most mysterious of lost worlds and the last one in mind is El Derado te lost city of gold.  The theme for my final product would be spiritualism as it compliments the Tarot card genre.


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