3rd Idea – LGBT Comic

For my third project proposal idea I desire to create an interesting  overall informative LGBT themed comic book aimed towards late teens and young adults. In consideration of this final major project I intend to look into depth the process of creating a comic book, as well as, the progress of making a DIY Zine inspired comic book, how comic strips are set out and how they have changed over the years of comics.  When doing research I fancy the idea of taking inspiration of a handful of my most motivating and inspiring selection of illustrative artists and taking certain elements away from their LGBTQ themes. Such as taking the characters from a webcomic or printed comic/zine and putting a completely different spin on it so that I am not just including my own handwriting into my responses but actually, take elements of the artists work and mould it into my own image. My theme for this project would be slice of life , where you grow to understand the main characters in only a few strips.



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