Week 2: Project Research Review

On Monday I continued extending my research in my sketchbook as I had planned to do so last week. I continued annotating and printing out the images I had collected to visually inspire what art style I would like to draw my visuals in. However right now I have completed primary photo analysis meaning all primary research is completed, from CD covers to photography of gemstones. In the afternoon I then started to do a response for my environment, on A4 paper in my sketchbook as a response to a photography artist’s work.The drawing took me a short enough time to do as it was on a not so large scale and had details of different types of line in it. It helped me to think about the type of landscape and environment I could possibly be going more towards with one or two of my civilizations.

After that the class had a critic task in the art studio, we were told to grade the research of another persons work and at what level we thought the work was at, due to work being in early stages the results were not in favor however I hope to boost up the given grade to that of which I am aiming to achieve. Over the next two days I continued with my research in my sketchbook, adding in my photos of different artists discovered new and those of old who have been inspiring me for some time now and annotating on what I liked about them and why I decided to put them in. This task over two days is one I find most entertaining seeing as I am passionate about the artists I am to gather inspiration from, making this project rather enjoyable and stress free for now, meaning I can write fluently and speedily about, all that I wish to take from the certain artist of choice. I had also done further research on spiritualism on gemstones and their link to the tarot card, it appears that all gemstones have a certain category they fall into, within the tarot world gemstones are assigned to certain cards, in my tarot samples of a 3 way set it may be different, seeing as I wish the gems to represent the civilization, as well as, the tarots themselves. As responses to the gem moodboarding I completed my own gemstone illustrations by using white gel pen, pencil and watercolour markers, that are somewhat like copic pens. The results I got were flattering and I am confident in my colouring capability, therefore I will not be wasting time in colouring up everything in my book, only certain elements will require it.

The next part of research will be all about environment and landscape as I find it important that I get onto terms with how I wish my tarot and illustration series to appear visually in my own handwriting, though perhaps I may also be enlightened idea wise as to how to compose and create a good solid theme for my gone worlds.


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