Easter Holiday Development Review

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageOver the Easter holiday I actually drew out my large scale illustrations however I have decided to start working on them on week four seeing, as this week has been packed with understanding culture of the ancient times, as well as the gorgeous facial bone structure of tribal beauties and religious body painting. Since it is a project based off of spiritualism and culture I needed to fully fathom as to what it is I am trying to portray through, obtaining more of an idea about the kind of features the guardians should have, what I can taken from religion of old culture, as well as, ways in which I can manipulate to make somethings my own. In addition to this I made two mood boards, one of contemporary tarot cards and the other of a colour scheme, unfortunately my book was falling apart and these pages are now left loose within the A4 journal so I must be careful with it, to make sure nothing is lost.


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