Week 4 Development Review

imageimageimageimageimageimageOn Monday I showed the work I had completed over the Easter holidays to one of my tutors and discussed how I could continue to further develop my work, of which proved useful as I was able to then set myself my daily task and started straight away on the development of ideas since, I already had a clear vision in mind as to what I am to produce for this project outcome. All that I have had to do this week is design possible outcomes and design idea that have potential to be a tarot or and illustration. be this as it may, I am looking forward to spending my time doing my colouring of the actual pieces themselves, seeing as it may take up a consuming amount of time and what I aim for is, so to say, intense detail and care within my work to get it to that high standard. Because my work didn’t have much colour in it some of my pages in my sketchbook, I thought I would experiment with media upon a design of mine for an Agartha based sun tarot idea. By using art colour pencils for the forehead, then, watercolour over the top I was able to make a rather striking and dark glare of shadow over the eyes, this creates a rather menacing appeal of which I have come to favour for the guardian of Agartha. Facial expressions are of an utmost importance which is why I used the same design outline for the High Priestess tarot card, to experiment with item and position placement for the tarot ,or possible illustration, however as time progressed I found I disliked this development and scrapped the idea all together, though it allowed me to realize more of what I was aiming towards with Lemuria and Atlantis.

On Wednesday I worked in colour pencil and watercolour to show that I have experimented in different media no matter how minimal it may be, this is only because I did three mock up ideas in my FMP project proposal book therefore I already have an understanding of where I am taking this project to. A kind of element to the colouring work, that I find incredibly captivating, is actually replacing the black fine liner with instead a white gel pens ink, it brings out a light vibrancy and makes the image glow rather than shadow sink in, which proves useful on especially dark areas. My only worry is that with the time I must place within my making off to have the outcomes to a degree of perfection i so desire, that my book will be lacking in sketches and vibrancy, I can state that if it were lengthier and if my drawing/colouring capability was faster I’d have a fully colorful book, yet sacrifices are most defiantly necessary if I wish to meet such a deadline I have been given.



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