Week 5 Review: Project Development

imageimageimageimageimageFrom Monday through to Friday I have been sketching out idea developments and playing around with different bodily positions and styles for my civilizations, the environments for Agartha is hot and tropical unlike Atlantis, meanwhile Lemuria is middle bound. The reason why these designs have NO colour is because I was not sure at first whether or not I would be using them for scan in, therefore I made them only lineal drawings that were plans for actual final ideas. But, just as I was about to scan in the moon design, it hit me that I have done many sketched in my FMP project proposal book, as a result I extracted my Ox illustration out and instead have decided to go with a Devil tarot design, dedicated to Agartha and the idea which is being currently developed for a final outcome is the Ox illustration I had prior constructed.


I think I’ve done a lot of work over this week, I have produced a lot in my sketchbook and created lots of ideas that I could do and started to better define my characters, however now I have one design already being progressed upon, from the already thought of designs I will create a Lemuria and Atlantis based tarot designs and illustrations. For next week I will hopefully make a start on making my large scale final pieces so I have enough time to digitally render, clean up and print them later on on matte paper.


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