Final Major Project:Week Six Realisation


On Monday I started drawing out my final project. My final pieces are going to be three tarot designs done at A4 scale and three large scale illustrations at A3 that may be blown up to A2 for the final show. It was decided that normal digital composing was just too simple and boring to have as a tarot piece, so instead, in order to push my art skills further I will be doing lots of hand rendering and mix media over this and next week, but also making sure I do not step over the time line. These drawings are being done traditionally using coloured pencil and watercolour, as well as marker, Hb and 2b pencil to get the grey tones down first.It will be tough to do two designs at the same time however that is exactly what I am doing and have been doing all week with the ‘Agartha – Devil’ tarot card and illustration, yet already the pair are looking like twins of the sort due to colour scheme, it really makes it appear more like a collection.

The hardest thing so far is not messing up on areas, such as the fine lineal work of the devil eyes, as well as the rest of the colour up for the Devil large scale illustration. I have yet another four illustrations to undergo, be that as it may I have confidence that the Empress will be the least bothersome, so, therefore I shall work on her first before Lemuria.


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