Final Major Project: Week 7 Realisation

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageIt took me the entire weekend to complete both illustrations for the Devil card, as well as the Empress card however the large scale illustration actually dragged itself out to the Tuesday where I also finished off the Lemuria tarot card outcome, in addition to the large scale outcome of which as the very last of the illustration I completed and yet it is my favorite, perhaps this is all due to the fact I had practice with the earlier illustrations therefore, with this final illustration I was able to grasp onto self confidence and squeeze out the art muse in order to complete in time for the deadline. What I love about the Lemuria large scale illustration, is that it is completely different to the other two large scales at a totally different angle. There is a certain intimacy when looking at this product, I desired for the guardian to look longing, as though reaching out to both give and take, for what happened to the most spiritual place in the world was a dreadful fall, a fall much like it’s cousin Atlantis. I wanted to get the peoples emotion across as well as the God like yearning to be remembered and loved. Never had I thought I’d use so much black paint, however it turned out beautifully, the night sky was so simply captured that it allows my shattuckite gem guardian to appear as though it is glowing.

The technique with colour is just my handwriting, to make something appear digital when it is certainly not, is a new trait talent I have noticed during this project, it feels as though I have found a part of me I never knew existed. I took so much time and effort into these illustrations that I was very cautious about doing anything digital, on the other hand I found it to be extremely helpful when cleaning up, though there was little to clean I still managed to tweek some of the white areas on the Empress large scale and the Devil large scale, just to make sure it was close enough to perfect, at least in my eyes.

On Thursday the class had to present their work and though as nerve wrecking as it may have been, I was rather eager to teach those who had no idea what I had been doing, about tarot and my own tarots, along with their partnered illustrations. What I found enjoyable was seeing other’s work and what had been produced on the same time span, much to my regret there had been those who had managed to so a huge range of colourful illustrative work, I truly wish I could have extended the time frame to go back and perhaps do some colour ups however, it was a necessary sacrifice in order to get the reward of completing my goal at the end.




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