Final Major Project: Week 7 Realisation

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageIt took me the entire weekend to complete both illustrations for the Devil card, as well as the Empress card however the large scale illustration actually dragged itself out to the Tuesday where I also finished off the Lemuria tarot card outcome, in addition to the large scale outcome of which as the very last of the illustration I completed and yet it is my favorite, perhaps this is all due to the fact I had practice with the earlier illustrations therefore, with this final illustration I was able to grasp onto self confidence and squeeze out the art muse in order to complete in time for the deadline. What I love about the Lemuria large scale illustration, is that it is completely different to the other two large scales at a totally different angle. There is a certain intimacy when looking at this product, I desired for the guardian to look longing, as though reaching out to both give and take, for what happened to the most spiritual place in the world was a dreadful fall, a fall much like it’s cousin Atlantis. I wanted to get the peoples emotion across as well as the God like yearning to be remembered and loved. Never had I thought I’d use so much black paint, however it turned out beautifully, the night sky was so simply captured that it allows my shattuckite gem guardian to appear as though it is glowing.

The technique with colour is just my handwriting, to make something appear digital when it is certainly not, is a new trait talent I have noticed during this project, it feels as though I have found a part of me I never knew existed. I took so much time and effort into these illustrations that I was very cautious about doing anything digital, on the other hand I found it to be extremely helpful when cleaning up, though there was little to clean I still managed to tweek some of the white areas on the Empress large scale and the Devil large scale, just to make sure it was close enough to perfect, at least in my eyes.

On Thursday the class had to present their work and though as nerve wrecking as it may have been, I was rather eager to teach those who had no idea what I had been doing, about tarot and my own tarots, along with their partnered illustrations. What I found enjoyable was seeing other’s work and what had been produced on the same time span, much to my regret there had been those who had managed to so a huge range of colourful illustrative work, I truly wish I could have extended the time frame to go back and perhaps do some colour ups however, it was a necessary sacrifice in order to get the reward of completing my goal at the end.



Final Major Project:Week Six Realisation


On Monday I started drawing out my final project. My final pieces are going to be three tarot designs done at A4 scale and three large scale illustrations at A3 that may be blown up to A2 for the final show. It was decided that normal digital composing was just too simple and boring to have as a tarot piece, so instead, in order to push my art skills further I will be doing lots of hand rendering and mix media over this and next week, but also making sure I do not step over the time line. These drawings are being done traditionally using coloured pencil and watercolour, as well as marker, Hb and 2b pencil to get the grey tones down first.It will be tough to do two designs at the same time however that is exactly what I am doing and have been doing all week with the ‘Agartha – Devil’ tarot card and illustration, yet already the pair are looking like twins of the sort due to colour scheme, it really makes it appear more like a collection.

The hardest thing so far is not messing up on areas, such as the fine lineal work of the devil eyes, as well as the rest of the colour up for the Devil large scale illustration. I have yet another four illustrations to undergo, be that as it may I have confidence that the Empress will be the least bothersome, so, therefore I shall work on her first before Lemuria.

Week 5 Review: Project Development

imageimageimageimageimageFrom Monday through to Friday I have been sketching out idea developments and playing around with different bodily positions and styles for my civilizations, the environments for Agartha is hot and tropical unlike Atlantis, meanwhile Lemuria is middle bound. The reason why these designs have NO colour is because I was not sure at first whether or not I would be using them for scan in, therefore I made them only lineal drawings that were plans for actual final ideas. But, just as I was about to scan in the moon design, it hit me that I have done many sketched in my FMP project proposal book, as a result I extracted my Ox illustration out and instead have decided to go with a Devil tarot design, dedicated to Agartha and the idea which is being currently developed for a final outcome is the Ox illustration I had prior constructed.


I think I’ve done a lot of work over this week, I have produced a lot in my sketchbook and created lots of ideas that I could do and started to better define my characters, however now I have one design already being progressed upon, from the already thought of designs I will create a Lemuria and Atlantis based tarot designs and illustrations. For next week I will hopefully make a start on making my large scale final pieces so I have enough time to digitally render, clean up and print them later on on matte paper.

Week 4 Development Review

imageimageimageimageimageimageOn Monday I showed the work I had completed over the Easter holidays to one of my tutors and discussed how I could continue to further develop my work, of which proved useful as I was able to then set myself my daily task and started straight away on the development of ideas since, I already had a clear vision in mind as to what I am to produce for this project outcome. All that I have had to do this week is design possible outcomes and design idea that have potential to be a tarot or and illustration. be this as it may, I am looking forward to spending my time doing my colouring of the actual pieces themselves, seeing as it may take up a consuming amount of time and what I aim for is, so to say, intense detail and care within my work to get it to that high standard. Because my work didn’t have much colour in it some of my pages in my sketchbook, I thought I would experiment with media upon a design of mine for an Agartha based sun tarot idea. By using art colour pencils for the forehead, then, watercolour over the top I was able to make a rather striking and dark glare of shadow over the eyes, this creates a rather menacing appeal of which I have come to favour for the guardian of Agartha. Facial expressions are of an utmost importance which is why I used the same design outline for the High Priestess tarot card, to experiment with item and position placement for the tarot ,or possible illustration, however as time progressed I found I disliked this development and scrapped the idea all together, though it allowed me to realize more of what I was aiming towards with Lemuria and Atlantis.

On Wednesday I worked in colour pencil and watercolour to show that I have experimented in different media no matter how minimal it may be, this is only because I did three mock up ideas in my FMP project proposal book therefore I already have an understanding of where I am taking this project to. A kind of element to the colouring work, that I find incredibly captivating, is actually replacing the black fine liner with instead a white gel pens ink, it brings out a light vibrancy and makes the image glow rather than shadow sink in, which proves useful on especially dark areas. My only worry is that with the time I must place within my making off to have the outcomes to a degree of perfection i so desire, that my book will be lacking in sketches and vibrancy, I can state that if it were lengthier and if my drawing/colouring capability was faster I’d have a fully colorful book, yet sacrifices are most defiantly necessary if I wish to meet such a deadline I have been given.


Easter Holiday Development Review

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageOver the Easter holiday I actually drew out my large scale illustrations however I have decided to start working on them on week four seeing, as this week has been packed with understanding culture of the ancient times, as well as the gorgeous facial bone structure of tribal beauties and religious body painting. Since it is a project based off of spiritualism and culture I needed to fully fathom as to what it is I am trying to portray through, obtaining more of an idea about the kind of features the guardians should have, what I can taken from religion of old culture, as well as, ways in which I can manipulate to make somethings my own. In addition to this I made two mood boards, one of contemporary tarot cards and the other of a colour scheme, unfortunately my book was falling apart and these pages are now left loose within the A4 journal so I must be careful with it, to make sure nothing is lost.

Week 3:Project Development Review

&EasterimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageOn Monday I started focusing on environment and concept art. What I came around to discover is that the concept art part of my research has proven to be incredibly helpful with all the idea of what to include within my tarot illustrations, I have decided to make guardians of whom shall be representing the fusion of culture, god and people of the specific civilization. I had a rather vague idea when I proposed the actual project within my first book of ideas for the FMP, now I defiantly know as to what it is I am looking out of getting from this here project.

On Thursday we had a group presentation of showing the work we had done so far and t be honest, I thought I had done alright, however I wish to keep pushing myself through sickness in order not to fall behind my time-plan schedule. The class was split in half and we were all in group showing everything we had done for our project, all the research and the development that we had started on, this lead to feedback and the critique I got was all positive and I was told to simply keeping going down the path I am going down currently.