Week 4 Development Review

imageimageimageimageimageimageOn Monday I showed the work I had completed over the Easter holidays to one of my tutors and discussed how I could continue to further develop my work, of which proved useful as I was able to then set myself my daily task and started straight away on the development of ideas since, I already had a clear vision in mind as to what I am to produce for this project outcome. All that I have had to do this week is design possible outcomes and design idea that have potential to be a tarot or and illustration. be this as it may, I am looking forward to spending my time doing my colouring of the actual pieces themselves, seeing as it may take up a consuming amount of time and what I aim for is, so to say, intense detail and care within my work to get it to that high standard. Because my work didn’t have much colour in it some of my pages in my sketchbook, I thought I would experiment with media upon a design of mine for an Agartha based sun tarot idea. By using art colour pencils for the forehead, then, watercolour over the top I was able to make a rather striking and dark glare of shadow over the eyes, this creates a rather menacing appeal of which I have come to favour for the guardian of Agartha. Facial expressions are of an utmost importance which is why I used the same design outline for the High Priestess tarot card, to experiment with item and position placement for the tarot ,or possible illustration, however as time progressed I found I disliked this development and scrapped the idea all together, though it allowed me to realize more of what I was aiming towards with Lemuria and Atlantis.

On Wednesday I worked in colour pencil and watercolour to show that I have experimented in different media no matter how minimal it may be, this is only because I did three mock up ideas in my FMP project proposal book therefore I already have an understanding of where I am taking this project to. A kind of element to the colouring work, that I find incredibly captivating, is actually replacing the black fine liner with instead a white gel pens ink, it brings out a light vibrancy and makes the image glow rather than shadow sink in, which proves useful on especially dark areas. My only worry is that with the time I must place within my making off to have the outcomes to a degree of perfection i so desire, that my book will be lacking in sketches and vibrancy, I can state that if it were lengthier and if my drawing/colouring capability was faster I’d have a fully colorful book, yet sacrifices are most defiantly necessary if I wish to meet such a deadline I have been given.



Easter Holiday Development Review

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageOver the Easter holiday I actually drew out my large scale illustrations however I have decided to start working on them on week four seeing, as this week has been packed with understanding culture of the ancient times, as well as the gorgeous facial bone structure of tribal beauties and religious body painting. Since it is a project based off of spiritualism and culture I needed to fully fathom as to what it is I am trying to portray through, obtaining more of an idea about the kind of features the guardians should have, what I can taken from religion of old culture, as well as, ways in which I can manipulate to make somethings my own. In addition to this I made two mood boards, one of contemporary tarot cards and the other of a colour scheme, unfortunately my book was falling apart and these pages are now left loose within the A4 journal so I must be careful with it, to make sure nothing is lost.

Week 3:Project Development Review

&EasterimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageOn Monday I started focusing on environment and concept art. What I came around to discover is that the concept art part of my research has proven to be incredibly helpful with all the idea of what to include within my tarot illustrations, I have decided to make guardians of whom shall be representing the fusion of culture, god and people of the specific civilization. I had a rather vague idea when I proposed the actual project within my first book of ideas for the FMP, now I defiantly know as to what it is I am looking out of getting from this here project.

On Thursday we had a group presentation of showing the work we had done so far and t be honest, I thought I had done alright, however I wish to keep pushing myself through sickness in order not to fall behind my time-plan schedule. The class was split in half and we were all in group showing everything we had done for our project, all the research and the development that we had started on, this lead to feedback and the critique I got was all positive and I was told to simply keeping going down the path I am going down currently.


Week 2: Project Research Review

On Monday I continued extending my research in my sketchbook as I had planned to do so last week. I continued annotating and printing out the images I had collected to visually inspire what art style I would like to draw my visuals in. However right now I have completed primary photo analysis meaning all primary research is completed, from CD covers to photography of gemstones. In the afternoon I then started to do a response for my environment, on A4 paper in my sketchbook as a response to a photography artist’s work.The drawing took me a short enough time to do as it was on a not so large scale and had details of different types of line in it. It helped me to think about the type of landscape and environment I could possibly be going more towards with one or two of my civilizations.

After that the class had a critic task in the art studio, we were told to grade the research of another persons work and at what level we thought the work was at, due to work being in early stages the results were not in favor however I hope to boost up the given grade to that of which I am aiming to achieve. Over the next two days I continued with my research in my sketchbook, adding in my photos of different artists discovered new and those of old who have been inspiring me for some time now and annotating on what I liked about them and why I decided to put them in. This task over two days is one I find most entertaining seeing as I am passionate about the artists I am to gather inspiration from, making this project rather enjoyable and stress free for now, meaning I can write fluently and speedily about, all that I wish to take from the certain artist of choice. I had also done further research on spiritualism on gemstones and their link to the tarot card, it appears that all gemstones have a certain category they fall into, within the tarot world gemstones are assigned to certain cards, in my tarot samples of a 3 way set it may be different, seeing as I wish the gems to represent the civilization, as well as, the tarots themselves. As responses to the gem moodboarding I completed my own gemstone illustrations by using white gel pen, pencil and watercolour markers, that are somewhat like copic pens. The results I got were flattering and I am confident in my colouring capability, therefore I will not be wasting time in colouring up everything in my book, only certain elements will require it.

The next part of research will be all about environment and landscape as I find it important that I get onto terms with how I wish my tarot and illustration series to appear visually in my own handwriting, though perhaps I may also be enlightened idea wise as to how to compose and create a good solid theme for my gone worlds.

Week 1: Project Research Review


On Monday I started my research for this FMP. I went out of college and around Newcastle ,looked for other different types of sources of a various kind that I could use as my start off inspiration, I went to the library and got out a book all on the visual art development for a illustration however I found that I could find better visuals using the internet so I did not include the book research from the library into my FMP collection. The design visuals in this book were useful for inspiration on illustration, yet had nothing at all to do with tarots and no real connection to the project other than illustration, since I have already planned to do such research further on I thought avoiding unnecessary uninteresting analysis would be a waste of my time. I also to this, went out and bought thin, cheap comics that helps with visual inspiration, as I have done so in the past when I proposed other projects like that of comic book based in my project proposal book. I chose ones that seemed fantasy lead and had styles that I liked, those of which brought me great interest in what techniques were used and interesting environment. I also collected images from Pinterest that visually inspired me, having looked up the artists from the comic book stores online for more in depth research. On wednesday I printed all of the images I had collected from Pinterest and tumblr, gathered and stuck them in my sketchbook before I continued on with  my annotation about why I chose those particular sources. Thursday, I continued to annotate my work, though in addition to this I brought items in that I had found at home such as mini booklets, envelops and postcards with the theme of Egypt and put them in my sketchbook, however I have no idea where they came from therefore it is primary research collected.

I also started to do research on artists and animators, I looked at specific styles rather than themes for this because I wanted to show how I would want my visuals to look when I eventually start to draw them. I have printed off some traditional tarot acrds much lie, how I did prior in my project proposal book where I spoke about the differences between traditional and contemporary. In the afternoon I was given an environment task of writing down notes of what the setting is for my civilizations to be in. When I had explained my own environments, sub-aquatic,subterranean and air-born, I was given advice as to how I could do further research on it of which I am sure will prove to be most useful times ahead.

I think my most successful part of the research has been gathering primary images to use, enjoyable to go and collect that of which I was unknown to, even though my project is very much spiritual and fantasy lead it has been helpful taking images from real life and using them as part of my work. The most inspirational aspects of my research has been the comic books that I have accumulated because they’ve all been really useful in terms of style and setting, not to mention illustration, however I think I should print off the images rather than tear up the books themselves.

The next part of my research will be to look further into other forms of research like CD covers and posters perhaps.This week I need to continue working in my sketchbook and finish annotating on incomplete pages which should not take me too long, I also need to do further research on environment and finish updating my bibliography which means, I will do print outs on Monday morning of photographs taken and continue to annotate and review my work progression.

3rd Idea – LGBT Comic

For my third project proposal idea I desire to create an interesting  overall informative LGBT themed comic book aimed towards late teens and young adults. In consideration of this final major project I intend to look into depth the process of creating a comic book, as well as, the progress of making a DIY Zine inspired comic book, how comic strips are set out and how they have changed over the years of comics.  When doing research I fancy the idea of taking inspiration of a handful of my most motivating and inspiring selection of illustrative artists and taking certain elements away from their LGBTQ themes. Such as taking the characters from a webcomic or printed comic/zine and putting a completely different spin on it so that I am not just including my own handwriting into my responses but actually, take elements of the artists work and mould it into my own image. My theme for this project would be slice of life , where you grow to understand the main characters in only a few strips.


2nd Idea- Lost Civilization Tarot cards

For my second project proposal I strive to look at making a simple batch of tarot cards based on lost civilizations that not only am I  interested in, but are fascinating missing links to our history. Tarot cards are something I’ve never looked at before, though be that as it may, when browsing the internet for personal projects everything appeared to be the same basic idea, therefore when I took time to reflect on what personally drives me I realized that it was spiritualism which motivates me to illustrate on many if not most occasions. From there I found myself researching about tarot cards and their history through the helpful advice of family members who have more insight to the tarot world. I think it would be interesting if I were to perhaps create a more contemporary  set of tarot cards rather than the traditional array, however this does not mean I will limit myself as I want to explore every corner of Tarot and its culture before making a precise decision; The root and history of the tarot is of importance as I must understand how to use and how to connect meaning with the lost worlds of choice. The lost civilizations I have in mind consist of the most discussed civilization besides Atlantis and that is Lemuria who back in her time was the empress of the day where culture and diversity prospered, as well as,  Mu who is said to be the spiritual realm of Lemuria of which was lost when contentiousness deteriorated, also Atlantis for it is one of the most mainstream and most mysterious of lost worlds and the last one in mind is El Derado te lost city of gold.  The theme for my final product would be spiritualism as it compliments the Tarot card genre.