Week 1: Project Research Review


On Monday I started my research for this FMP. I went out of college and around Newcastle ,looked for other different types of sources of a various kind that I could use as my start off inspiration, I went to the library and got out a book all on the visual art development for a illustration however I found that I could find better visuals using the internet so I did not include the book research from the library into my FMP collection. The design visuals in this book were useful for inspiration on illustration, yet had nothing at all to do with tarots and no real connection to the project other than illustration, since I have already planned to do such research further on I thought avoiding unnecessary uninteresting analysis would be a waste of my time. I also to this, went out and bought thin, cheap comics that helps with visual inspiration, as I have done so in the past when I proposed other projects like that of comic book based in my project proposal book. I chose ones that seemed fantasy lead and had styles that I liked, those of which brought me great interest in what techniques were used and interesting environment. I also collected images from Pinterest that visually inspired me, having looked up the artists from the comic book stores online for more in depth research. On wednesday I printed all of the images I had collected from Pinterest and tumblr, gathered and stuck them in my sketchbook before I continued on with  my annotation about why I chose those particular sources. Thursday, I continued to annotate my work, though in addition to this I brought items in that I had found at home such as mini booklets, envelops and postcards with the theme of Egypt and put them in my sketchbook, however I have no idea where they came from therefore it is primary research collected.

I also started to do research on artists and animators, I looked at specific styles rather than themes for this because I wanted to show how I would want my visuals to look when I eventually start to draw them. I have printed off some traditional tarot acrds much lie, how I did prior in my project proposal book where I spoke about the differences between traditional and contemporary. In the afternoon I was given an environment task of writing down notes of what the setting is for my civilizations to be in. When I had explained my own environments, sub-aquatic,subterranean and air-born, I was given advice as to how I could do further research on it of which I am sure will prove to be most useful times ahead.

I think my most successful part of the research has been gathering primary images to use, enjoyable to go and collect that of which I was unknown to, even though my project is very much spiritual and fantasy lead it has been helpful taking images from real life and using them as part of my work. The most inspirational aspects of my research has been the comic books that I have accumulated because they’ve all been really useful in terms of style and setting, not to mention illustration, however I think I should print off the images rather than tear up the books themselves.

The next part of my research will be to look further into other forms of research like CD covers and posters perhaps.This week I need to continue working in my sketchbook and finish annotating on incomplete pages which should not take me too long, I also need to do further research on environment and finish updating my bibliography which means, I will do print outs on Monday morning of photographs taken and continue to annotate and review my work progression.